Grandad's Gorillas

Short Summary
I am hugely passionate about our planet and the amazing world in which we live. I am constantly saddened not only by the negative light in which it is often portrayed but also the lack of knowledge that many young people have about it. Having worked within education, social care and the secure environment; I have become aware of the way in which this lack of knowledge translates into a lack of ambition. My goal is to broaden the horizons of young people by making them aware of the wonders of our planet in the hope that they want to explore it for themselves and ultimately to protect it for future generations. My starting point for this is, "Grandad's Gorillas" a book of poetry for young children that aims to encourage them to learn about endangered species in a fun way. Each poem is about a particular animal that I have seen in the wild, photographed and studied.

What We Need & What You Get
I am selling the book and hope to cover the production costs from sales to individuals. The bigger goal is to provide all schools and childrens centres in my city with a free copy to use as an educational tool. This is where you come in. To produce enough copies of the book to give out to all the educational centres in Milton Keynes will not be cheap; ninety plus primary schools and then the addition of children centres on top. Contributors will play a fundamental part in getting this project to fruition and will not go unrewarded. As a wildlife photographer I will be donating images of the amazing and endangered animals written about in the book.

The Impact
I know that producing a book for the children of one city in one country on a huge planet might seem like an insignificant plan and even if every one of those children read the book, enjoyed it and grew up wanting to protect our world; it would not be enough to change the world........ or would it? Every huge change starts somewhere. My goal is simple enough, I want children from as early an age as possible, to learn about and enjoy the world around them. Not just the things they see in their own town but by learning about things on the far side of the planet and wanting to visit them someday. If this is a success and I have to believe in peoples generosity and be confident that it will succeed; then who knows where else in the country and farther afield we can spread this to?

Risks & Challenges
Like anything in life that is worth doing, there are challenges. "That's a waste of time", "No-one will spend money on that", I've heard all these comments and still believe that the majority of people not only care about ore world but given the opportunity to help in some small way to protect it would do so. This is one such opportunity. By encouraging our young people to love and learn about how so many of our iconic animals are under threat, perhaps we can inspire the next generation of politicians, leaders and businessmen and women to think about how to protect the planet.

Other Ways You Can Help
I completely understand that not everyone is in a position to donate directly and that is fine. But there is no financial burden by sparing a few minutes to share my campaign to your friends and family. If you have young children perhaps you could let their families know about it?

And that's all there is to it.