Please have a browse through my galleries; they are but a sample of my work and many other images are available. I am always free to discuss projects and ideas with clients.
The Dogs gallery
The Dogs Gallery portfolioThe fantastic people who have seen our crowd funding campaign for "The Dogs That Nobody Wants" will have the opportunity to choose their selected images from this gallery in return for their contributions. I hope you enjoy the images that are available and manage to find something to suit your tastes. 
Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red portfolioA few pictures from the stunning exhibition at the Tower of London in honour of our war dead. 
Gary Baxter
Motivational Posters portfolioA series of poster size prints with motivational or thought provoking text to encourage young people to challenge the way they think about the world around us. Poster Prints portfolioA selection of images that I regularly get asked for as posters all usefully collected in one place.
SIZE, 44,579,000 sq.kms
POPULATION, 3,879,000,333
Indonesia portfolioThe islands of the Indonesian archipelago including Sumatra, Java, Komodo and Rinca are home to a unique and inspiring landscape with cultural treasures and superb wildlife.
Sri Lanka portfolio Angkor Wat portfolioAngkor Wat is one of the most inspiring settings that you can imagine. Jungle, crumbling temples; it is still possible to see the bullet holes in the temple walls inflicted by the fighting during the war with the Khmer Rouge!
In a much more peaceful time, I took these pictures to show the lasting beauty of such an amazing place.
Big Cats portfolio 
SIZE, 30,065,000 sq. kms
POPULATION, 1,032,600,256
Madagascar portfolioOur first trip to Madagascar proved both challenging and rewarding. Mountain Gorillas of Rwanda and Uganda portfolioThe incredibly endangered mountain gorilla is a magnificent animal. It is almost impossible to say how many are left in the wild, but estimates vary from a few hundred to around a thousand!
These gentle and endearing creatures are now under threat as oil exploration is threatened in the Virunga National Park, the home of many of the last family groups living in the wild.
Botswana and Victoria Falls portfolioWildlife and landscapes from Botswana. 
SIZE, 24,256,000 sq. kms
POPULATION, 528,720,588
Canada, and Polar Bears portfolioJust some of the images I captured when trekking the tundra around the Churchill area of Hudson Bay. Including of course, Polar Bears. 
SIZE, 17,819,000 sq. kms
POPULATION, 387,489,196
the Wetlands of the Pantanal. portfolioThe Pantanal; an area full of rare and incredible wildlife. Much of it endangered and under threat from human encroachment. Here are just a few of the wonders of this beautiful location. The Galapagos Islands portfolioFrom the enchanted islands, 600 miles off the coast of Ecuador; here are just a selection of the array of unique birds and animals that we encountered around every corner. A wildlife lovers dream destination and a photographers paradise.
SIZE, 14,000,000 sq. kms
Antarctica portfolioThe last great untamed wilderness, Antarctica. 
SIZE, 9,938,000 sq. kms
POPULATION, 739,165,030
The Isles of Scilly portfolio Devon and the West Country portfolio
Wild Britain portfolio European Predators portfolioAt last, we got around to visiting the Bavarian National Park; about a half hours drive into Germany from the Czech Republic. These are a few of the images we managed in our weekend there.
SIZE, 7,687,000 sq. kms
POPULATION, 31,260,000
Australia portfolioUnique animals, inspiring landscapes, Australia has something for anyone who is prepared to travel.